meet Aunty B

Being an aunt is so much more than a title. Your life as you know it forever changes when you hear those exciting words: I'm Pregnant! Not only are you excited for the new addition to your tribe, but you are also able to watch your loved on transform into soon-to-be motherhood. 


It fulfills a part of what I feel like is my role on earth. I’m a nurturing, caring person, and while motherhood might not be in the cards for me, being able to interact with and love children is a HUGE part of who I am. 

My collections are inspired by the love I have for all the little bebe’s I have in my life. From designing one of a kind pieces, to hand picking the best accessories to complete the look, you can count on me to equip your little one with the most essential bebe goods for every season. 

 All my love,